Whatsapp New Storage Management Tool Is Live – Check How to Use it

Whatsapp is a very famous Facebook-owned chatting platform. This app allows users to send text and voice messages, make voice and video calls, share location, images, etc. Whatsapp is very popular for its simplicity. It is the largest messaging platform with more than 2 billion users. Whatsapp often pushes out new features for the users to be more competitive from other platforms.

Whatsapp New Storage Management Tool

 Whatsapp regularly rolls out new features and updates for its users to make a better experience of messaging. Every day there is some news about new features to be released in the beta version.

Users are always excited to meet new features of WhatsApp for a better messaging experience. This year also facebook released many new features like dark mode, increased group voice, video call limit increased, etc.

This app has two channels for releasing new features and updates that are beta and stable versions. All the new features are first introduced in the beta version.

But it is seen that not all the features are introduced in the stable version. Recently WhatsApp has announced that it has redesigned the storage management tool.

This feature will help users to identify the content easy to delete. This feature was first introduced in the beta channel for testing the storage management tool. And now this feature is live in the stable version and is available for every stable user.

How to use Whatsapp new storage management tool

Whatsapp recently announced the disappearing message feature and soon after that it came with another new feature. Whatsapp has redesigned the storage management tool for users to delete extra content which they feel consuming more space. This will help users to remove unimportant media files they get on WhatsApp.

The old “storage usage” tool which is available on WhatsApp is a simple sorting tool. This tool displays chats and arranges them according to size, lists the videos, gifs, images, and messages in the chat. The tool helped in clearing space but it doesn’t give the freedom to go through the files which are removing.

Whatsapp New Storage Management

 To overcome this issue, WhatsApp allows users to view the thumbnail of the content through this new tool. This new feature will group the content into the categories like “larger than 5mb” and “forwarded many times”. This will help users in deciding which content they need to delete. Whatsapp’s new storage management tool is now live for all users. To access the new storage management tool on WhatsApp follow the below steps:

  1. Open WhatsApp on your phone
  2. Under the three-dot menu, go to the setting
  3. Next click on the data and storage option
  4. You will find ‘manage storage’ here

How to clear storage with a new storage management tool

If you face any storage problem due to extra content stored on WhatsApp then you can proceed to delete it. The managed storage on WhatsApp has three parts namely storage bar, review, and delete items, and chats. In the storage bar, it has a small bar showing the data consumed by WhatsApp out of total phone storage.

Next the review and delete item option has further two parts “forwarded many times” and “larger than 5mb”. The chat option in the manage storage shows all the media files. These media files are from your particular chats or group, this section also arranges the list based on data.

Whatsapp occupies the most space on your phone and especially when the auto-download file option is enabled. In this condition removing images and files become the most frustrating task.

This tool will help users get rid of unnecessary images and videos. WhatsApp generates a copy of media files whenever we share them with any contact. So to delete such extra copies of media files, click on “forwarded many times”.

If you want to delete all the photos and videos then you can select all checkboxes. You can also delete it manually by selecting the files you want to delete and then click on the delete option.

Also, you can go to particular chats or groups to delete photos and videos to clear the storage. With this new feature, the forward messages will be placed in a separate folder. Also, there will be a new folder for files which is larger than 5mb.

Whatsapp the Facebook-owned messaging platform has announced a new storage management tool for users. This tool will enable users to view and delete the extra content from their phones. This redesigned tool sort the files by size in descending order and users can view files before deleting it. This tool now provides cleaning suggestions by bucketing big files and media which has been forwarded many times.

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