SpaceX Launches GPS lll Space Vehicle For The US Space Force

Elon Musk owned SpaceX as an aerospace manufacturer and space transformation service company. The company is headquartered at Hawthorne, California, and was founded in the year 2002. The SpaceX company aims to reduce space transformation costs for the colonization of Mars.

The company has developed many launch vehicles, dragon cargo spacecraft, Starlink satellite constellation, etc. It is the first private company to launch successfully orbit, and recover spacecraft. Also, it is the first private company to send a spacecraft to the international space station.

SpaceX Launches GPS lll

Elon musk’s SpaceX company has launched the GPS lll satellite on November 5th evening. The most powerful global positioning system (GPS) satellite ever built for the US air force was launched in December 2018. Lockheed martin’s GPS III satellite has better accuracy and improved anti-jamming capabilities.

Lockheed Martin’s GPS lll satellite is built with a flexible, modular architecture.  It is compatible with international global navigation satellite system.  This enables users to receive signals from any country’s satellite. It also increases the chances of getting a strong and accurate signal.

SpaceX GPS lll space vehicle launch

SpaceX the private aerospace company owned by Elon Musk has successfully launched the fourth GPS lll satellite. The satellite was on November 5, Thursday evening.

This satellite will provide improved GPS navigation capabilities to the US.  Space has launched its first GPS lll satellite in December 2019 and the third GPS lll satellite in June. This GPS lll satellite is fourth and has better jamming technology to protect against any problem.

The Falcon 9 carried the brand new Lockheed Martin-built GPS lll satellite 4. It launched at 6:24 PM in Florida at Cape Canaveral air force station.

SpaceX GPS lll

From the rocket’s second stage, the GPS satellite got separated approximately one and a half hours after liftoff. The night was very clear to follow the rocket through the different phases of launch.

SpaceX GPS lll For The US Space Force

SpaceX already attempted to launch SV 4 on October 2 but aborted two seconds before the liftoff. So, this was SpaceX’s second and successful attempt to launch GPS lll satellite 4.

The SV 4 aborted the first time because some material blocked the relief valve in the engine’s gas generator. The abortion of the satellite prevented the hard start of the engine which saved it from bigger damage.

SpaceX’s GPS lll SV 4 satellite will successfully join the constellation of 31 spacecraft. The spacecraft work in earth orbit at a height of 12,550 miles in six orbital planes. Each satellite revolves around the earth twice a day. The military GPS 3 SV 4 satellite is SpaceX’s third launch under the national security space launch (NSSL) program.

However, this is the second NSSL mission in which SpaceX recovered the booster. The SpaceX company will launch two more GPS 3 satellites next year. It will use the old flown boosters in the next two space vehicle launch of the GPS 3 constellation.

SpaceX Launches GPS lll on November 5, 2020. It is a Falcon 9 rocket that carried GPS 3 space vehicle 4, built by Lockheed Martin. This is the fourth satellite of the GPS 3 constellation which gives improved GPS navigation capabilities. The satellite provides better jamming technology to protect against any problem.

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