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As people are buying PS5s for their own selves, they’ve got tonnes to explore- and one major feature that has made a come-back in the PS5 since almost a generation is – enabling users to play PS5 games on their smartphones.

But of course, this feature is only available in the form of Remote Play. It was a major mode of play, since the PS3 in the Sony systems, which came in combination with the feature of playing console games on PSP and PS Vita. Once the PS4 launched, Remote play became available on various other devices and TVs – and with time it was playable on Android devices and iOS devices as well.

How to play PS5 games

Remote Play was in-built in the PS5 as they launched, and users can use it to stream their next-gen games into their smartphones. It is important to keep in mind that this is a feature and not a service, i.e., the users will be needing their PS5 games running on consoles to stream them on their smartphones which is entirely different from playing Xbox Series X games using Game Pass on mobile devices.

That means that the player has to stay near the PS5 to enable Remote Play- which as a feature will only be able to work on phones and other devices as long as it’s within the limits of the home Wi-Fi network connection.

If users want to yield their TV from playing video games or are just willing to play in some other room, Remote Play is what will grant this wish for them. It’s still a good idea to play next-gen games on your smartphone, PC, Tablet, or PS Vita with the help of Remote Play. now let’s see how you can enjoy the PS5 experience on your smartphone-

Requirements to get started PS5 games

The first and foremost thing you will need is a PS5 (either of the standard or digital model). Make sure that it updated to the latest system software. After that, you need the smartphone in which you are willing to play. And lastly, a  Wi-Fi network that has a speed of at least 5Mbps for download, make sure that the phone and the console are both connected to this Wi-Fi network. Be aware of the fact that you can’t use your mobile data to do this A HOME WI-FI NETWORK is needed for this, so look forward to using it at home only.

If in case the users are willing to use a DualSense controller, you will require one of the DualSensor devices too. Sony is yet to confirm the working of it with PS5’s Remote Play feature, but unreliable sources have pointed to the possibility that people have been able to use it on smartphones. To play PS4 games on your PS5, users can use their PS4-era DualShock 4 controller with remote play, but again users can only play their PS4 games using this feature on their PS5.

Although uses don’t require a controller to play games on their phone, as the mobile app they will be using offers a Digital Layout Button, and trust me when we tell you this, it’s no absolute alternative to the crisp control of a gamepad.

Users will also be needing a PlayStation Network Account, which is absolutely free, and anyways users will be needing one of those accounts to set up their PS5.


To use the Remote Play App, the users need a phone which updated to at least an Android 7.0 or iOS 12.1. If the users would like to link a PS4 DualShock 4 or maybe a PS5 DualSense Controller to their phone. They have to make sure that their phones are up to date with the latest versions of iOS or Android i.e., at least an Android 10 or iOS 13 to use the older console’s controller, and just to be on the safe side. The completely latest version of iOS 14 or Android 11 to use the DualSense (for which Sony is yet to release official compatibility info).

Lastly, users required to download the proper Remote Play App on their phones on which they play the games. It is either iOS or Android. In case the user already having it then it’s advised that they update it to the latest version to acquire the PS5-linking capability.

Instructions to set up Playstation 5 Games

Firstly, users have to excite their PS5 or rather just have to turn on the rest mode on it, and then start the Remote Play application on their smartphones. Then they have to sign in to their PlayStation Network Account and choose their console generation to which they are going to connect – in this case, choose the PS5 option. If the users’ console connected to the same Wi-Fi home network as their smartphones, then it will connect automatically.

In case the users are using multiple PS5 on their home networks, it might take some time to figure out which console code is the one you are using, come on! No pain no gain, the sooner you figure out you will be all set or your adventure to gaming land.

In case the users keep losing their console connection then it recommended to try and reset the Wi-Fi connectivity, or they can even improve the speed of their Wi-Fi connection by manually connecting the PS5 to the router using an ethernet cable. Make sure to keep in mind that sony recommends a download speed of 5Mbps at the least, but there’s a possibility of facing minimal input lags.

Once it has loaded fully, the users should be able to control the console using their smartphones. In case users are planning to use DualSense Controllers, then they should make sure that it is connected to their mobile phones using Bluetooth first.

What PS5 games played on smartphones?

Gladly, Remote Play is actually just streaming the PS5 games on to the users’ phones, so there are no such obvious limits on the games that can be played using the new console, with a few exceptions.

According to this feature’s earlier limitations on its PS4 version, users will be unable to use Remote Play for games or other experiences that need special controllers or the camera of the Playstation. Which sorrowfully means that no VR.

Besides this, users can enjoy game-playing on their PS5s by taking advantage of the comfort of the nearby rooms.

This article has covered all the necessary information you will need to play PS5 games on your smartphone. All the requirements like Wi-Fi connections, gaming consoles, etc.

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