Nvidia launches MONAI Imaging framework To Accelerate AI

Nvidia MONAI Imaging framework has already won our hearts with its stunning graphic quality on our desktops and phones. It is one of the leading graphics card processors and computer equipment developer companies in the market. And it has achieved something new recently.

Nvidia MONAI Imaging framework

Nvidia Corporation was able to design a special AI system that aimed to help scientists and researchers in the medical field.

It has recently launched Monai. Monai is short for Medical Open Network for AI. As the name suggests, it is a network system that is used for developing AI devices working in the medical field. It will help in deciphering medical imaging more easily.

If we go into more detail, Monai is based on PyTorch. An open-source network developed by Facebook. PyTorch developed with keeping in mind the deep learning devices that try to decipher the image of the human brain.

It was able to set a benchmark as it has been able to work efficiently especially in the field of image categorization. Monai is based on PyTorch on Facebook. In a statement released by Nvidia, the company claimed that Monai is capable of training multiple AI devices despite the workflow, efficient in data handling, and is capable of producing results of the imaging.

MONAI framework To Accelerate AI

Nvidia is also providing the medical team with some pre-trained work models. Some of them trained for preventing COVID-19 too. For the best results, Monai should be coupled with Nvidia A100 graphics units.

Medical imaging is extremely helpful for medical workers. AI implemented in any field can do wonders and when it comes to medicine, it has already performed some brilliant concepts and the rest are still awaited in the laboratories. One such bizarre is Medical imaging.

Nvidia MONAI Imaging framework

For instance, Medical Imaging can help medical researchers by helping them produce a digital image of the human brain instead of manual CT scans. Medical imaging when compared to CT scans is much more easy and accurate.

Monai – a part of Nvidia Clara aimed to work for AI for health. Nvidia Clara focused and developed for aiding medical health researchers. The release of Monai adds up a new AI-aided device to the company’s range for development in medical research.

Nvidia MONAI framework

Earlier, if a medical professional wanted to examine a specific organ of a human, he had to go through many steps and numerous clicks, desegregating each image from others. The situation grew more complex in the case of bigger and complex organs. However, Nvidia has made the job easy. The company claimed that the same analysis can be done with the inclusion of Monai much easily and in less time.

Nvidia MONAI Imaging framework Clara has also contributed its fair share in the current COVID-19 pandemic. As the reports say, its Clara program has collected data from COVID-19 cases and created a new AI system called EXAM. EXAM aids in telling the oxygen requirements beforehand in cases of serious COVID-19 patients. Medical researchers can go through the requirements and do the arrangements.

After battling the current COVID-19 epidemic, Clara is planning to help medical workers in the field of pathology as well. The medical reports and images used in pathology are so complex and big that sometimes even AI can not handle these images. In such cases, Clara will pave the new way in medical imaging and research.

Developing such equipment is costly and so is their sale. And for this, Nvidia has decided to grow its Inception Alliance for Healthcare. This program aids people with technology related to AI and discounts on Nvidia products.

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