Microsoft join Indonesian eCommerce Startup Bukalapak With a $100 million investment

In the year 1975, on April 4th, most Americans were used to using typewriters, that is when Bill Gates and Paul Allen who were childhood friends found Microsoft. Microsoft was initially found as a company that builds software for computers. The origin of Microsoft in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Microsoft join Indonesian eCommerce Startup Bukalapak

Later on, it got relocated to the state of Washington in the year 1979 wherewith time it grew into an extensive corporation of multinational technology. In the year 1987, Bill Gates became the youngest billionaire worldwide at the age of 31, when Microsoft went public.

Gates and Allen started Microsoft which known as Micro-soft since day one. They started this initially for microprocessors and software – for the sake of producing software for the Altair 8800, which was a personal computer earlier. Gates left Harvard University as a student whereas Allen quit his programming job in Boston, they did so to focus on their new company.

Microsoft joins $100 million investment

Their company was based in Albuquerque as at that time the city was home to electronics firm MITS, creator of the Altair 8800. The sales of Microsoft topped an amount greater than $1 Million in the year 1978, and its business moved its headquarters to a place named Bellevue in Washington State, which was a suburb of Seattle, which also happens to be the place where Allen and Gates grew up together.


In the year 1981, The company debuted its licensing of the MS-DOS operating system for its personal computer to IBM. Shortly after some time, more computer companies initialized licensing MS-DOS, which lacked graphical interface and users had to enter the commands if they wanted to open or access any program. Allen diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in the year 1983 and hence he left Microsoft at that time. Later on, he treated successfully for the disease and decided to go for other different business ventures in life.

Microsoft Partnership with Bukalapak

The Microsoft company taking part in a $100 million investment in the website of an Indonesian eCommerce known as As reported by sources on November 3.

The Tech Giant of the United States Nation said to join past investors PT Erlang Mahkota Teknologi and GIC Pte – also called the Emtek Group. Together they will back up Bukalapak at a valuation ranging from $2.5 billion to $3 billion, as reported by sources.

Mr. Haris Izmee, the president director of Microsoft Indonesia company, said that as part of a joint statement from two firms that – using this partnership, consumers and merchants have an even more efficient and reliable purchase and selling experience.

The companies in partnership have stated that they are joining hands together to give a new shape to the Indonesian eCommerce Landscape. Bukalapak also exclaimed that it making Microsoft Azure it’s preferred cloud platform. Although Microsoft did say that it was investing in Bukalapak, it hasn’t yet made any dollar amount public.

Bukalapak’s services supported by Microsoft’s cloud infrastructure, on which more than 100 million customers and 12 million businesses are active. Mr. Rachmat Kaimuddin, the chief executive officer of Bukalapak cleared that the partnership indicates a sincere collaboration with Microsoft on an impressive collection of technology projects. It was responsible for the transformation of the technology-propelled operations and solutions of commerce in Indonesia.

Microsoft joins Bukalapak With $100 million investment

He further added to it that having the confidence of Microsoft. Bukalapak has come into the spotlight as the leading Homegrown Technology Player in Indonesia. The generation of a Positive Impact on Indonesia and its customers is Bukalapak’s main goal.

Microsoft and Bukalapak are collaborating to build a resilient infrastructure. Ir supports over 6 million offline and online merchants of Bukalapak, including its 100 million customers. The collaborated companies have also said that they are working together to make available digital relevance to more people and to offer better training to the employees and merchants of Bukalapak.

Izmee said that Indonesian society has really influenced by the services of Bukalapak. The rapidly changing market, when grouped with their innovative mindset, create new chances for consumers, merchants, and businesses.

He further added that they are looking forward to link Bukalapak with a trusted cloud to work together. Also, provide an environment having a solid eCommerce to their consumers and merchants. To accelerate growth in the digital economy of Indonesia.

Bukalapak which Ant-Backed aims to build banking agents from little businesses on its B2B eCommerce platform. In a collaboration with Bank Mandiri, which also happens Indonesia’s largest bank. The main objective of this plan enables people without smartphones to open bank accounts.

This article has covered the basic history of Microsoft. It has all the information you need to know regarding the partnership between Bukalapak and Microsoft. This collaboration between Indonesian Company Bukalapak and Microsoft gonna benefit many offline and online consumers digitally as well as non-digitally. As they have plans to make available specific services for people not having smartphones.

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