How to update iOS 14.2 to get over 100 new emojis on your iPhone

Apple’s iPhone has rolled out a brand new update for iOS 14.2 and iPad 14.2 and it brings with it several new and exciting features.

How to update iOS 14.2

This new update will bring about a few important improvements such as:

  • Eight new wallpapers for both light and dark modes.
  • Magnifier to detect people nearby, which is extremely helpful for blind people.
  • Optimized battery charging for your air pods, to slow the rate of battery aging.
  • Headphone audio level notifications.
  • More than 100 new emojis.
  • Intercom support for your Homepod.
  • Ability to connect Homepod to Apple TV 4K stereo.
  • Option to provide statistics notifications, without identifying you to Public Health Authorities.
  • Support for iPhone 12 leather sleeve with MagSafe.

However out of all these updates, the most fun and exciting is probably all the new emojis you will be getting after the update.

iOS 14.2 Update to get over 100 new emojis

To enjoy these changes, you will first have to update your system. In most cases, your phone will prompt you itself about the new update and you can simply click on it for it to automatically start installing. However, if you do not get a prompt then, we bring you the compiled list of steps that you can easily follow to update to iOS 14.2 on your iPhone or IPad manually:

  • Before starting your update it is always wise to back up all your precious data for safety.
  • Then from the homepage, you can navigate to settings by clicking on its icon.
  • On the settings page go to the option “general” and click on it.
  • After clicking on the general, click on the software update option.
  • Look for iOS 14.2
  • Tap Download on that and install it.
  • When your iPhone is done running the update, you will have added 117 new emojis to your collection.

About iPhone emojis

In our day and age, when everything is digital and texting is a very essential part of our lives, emojis have become a key in communicating emotions. They help represent the human gestures, voice tones, and physical expressions people do when communicating vocally.

Reading these emojis in texts allows us to articulate the meaning of the digital message. Emojis also have the ability to express diversity and uniqueness through them, thus building confidential and close relationships

iOS 14.2 update

Why are the new emojis important?

The hundreds of emojis that already exist; all represent a different and unique emotion or action. These new 117 emojis released also support and spread the message of inclusivity and work for breaking gender norms and stereotypes.

In these emojis, users will find representation in transgender flags, smiling face with a tear, two people hugging, a disguised face, and more. There will also be gender inclusivity in Santa Claus, with there being a male Santa and female Santa. Tuxedos will no longer be something only men wear and veils by women – women will be seen wearing a Tuxedo and men will sport veils.

Some of the new emojis Of iPhone

Out of the 117 new emojis that the users get to access after update 14.2, we have listed some of the most exciting and anticipated ones below:

  • Disguised face
  • A rainbow flag representing the LGBTQ community.
  • Italian hand.
  • Smiling face with a tear.
  • Men and Women in gender-inclusive or gender-neutral clothes.
  • A male and female Santa Claus, breaking gender stereotypes.
  • Even the user gets many of the skin tone options for inclusivity.
  • Insects including worms, beetles, and flies.
  • Anatomical body parts and organs.
  • Food items like bubble tea, fondue, tamale, olive, blueberries.
  • Ninja
  • Tools etc.

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