How To Get Old Gmail Calendar, Google Drive Icons Back On Android, iPhone and Chrome

Gmail is a free email service developed by the tech company Google. It allows users to send and receive mails over the internet. It can also send emails to multiple users at the same time, it is a type of Webmail. Gmail can be accessed from the web and also as an application from our smartphones.

How To Get Old Gmail Calendar

Google Calendar is time management and a scheduling calendar service developed by Google. Users can schedule meetings, events and even get reminders of any upcoming activities. This calendar is designed for teams so it’s easy to share your schedules also.

Google Drive

Google Drive is a file storage and synchronization device developed by Google. It allows its users to store files on their servers and synchronize them across all devices and services. Its storage system is cloud-based. Hence you can access its contents from any smartphone, tablet or PC. It also makes it easy to edit and collaborate on files.

Update of icons by Google

Recently Google updated and replaced the logos of some of its services, including the ones mentioned above. The new logos bring uniformity in colour by using the Googles signature four colours – Blue, Green, Red, and Yellow. It also received many kinds of reactions with some people who do not care for the change, while some absolutely abhor it.

Why is Google updating its icons?

Google Drive, Gmail, Calendar and the other G Suite services provided by Google are used by billions of people in the world. This new change that has been announced by Google aims at making the G Suite services a Google Workspace. Hence the reason for changing these icons is to bring a sense of consistency to them. Google has been rolling out these redesigned logos since some time now.

 However for those people who liked the original iconic logos better than the new ones; Google has not officially stated a way that you can use to go back to the old logos, but there is a way using which you can change your logos in android, iOS and Google Chrome.

old Gmail calendar, google drive icons

How to replace the new icons with old ones on android?

For Android users changing the Old Gmail Calendar is rather easy and simple. Google has allowed this function to exist since years, courtesy of third party apps. There is a special kind of app that you can download from the play store.

This app allows users to completely change their home screen and along with the icons of their favourite apps. Certain apps allow you to change only a few desired apps. If that is your cup of tea then you can download specific launchers, like Nova launcher and change your icons however you like.

How to replace the new icons with the old ones on iOS?

It is a known fact that Apple does not provide a lot of flexibility to its users in regards to changing of icons and home screens. But recently it has launched the iOS 14, and with its arrival, users can change the way their icons look according to their own choices and aesthetics.

With the help of iOS 14, we provide you with a step by step walkthrough of how you can replace your icons:

  • Open the Siri shortcuts apps.
  • From there create a new shortcut with the help of a scripting action.
  • This action will enable you to “open app”.
  • Pick the app you want to change in the shortcut, for example, if you choose Calendar.
  • Type in the shortcut name “Google calendar” and click on done.
  • Tap the share button on your screen and select on add to the home screen.
  • Tap on the blank icon next to the Google calendar name and select choose photo.
  • Then select the old Calendar logo that you have downloaded on your phone, and then use that as an icon for your home screen. For more updates check jcpenneykiosk.

How to replace the new icons with the old ones on Google Chrome?

Replacing icons to their order form is the easiest on Google chrome. There is an extension available on Chrome called “Restore old Google icons” and with the help of that, you can replace your icons with just one click. It is not an official extension by Google, but it works just fine nonetheless. The extension can be downloaded from the Chrome Web store and then tap on the restore button and enjoy your old icons.

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